菲律宾beplaySeafdec / AQD机构存储库 https://hepository.seafdec.org.ph:443 Sair是东南亚渔业开发中心,水产养殖部的官方数字存储库。 2021-08-03T07:18:19Z 礁石上鲍鱼卤虫鲸岛的苗圃和成长培养物:使用不同培养容器的生长和存活的比较 http://hdl.handle.net/10862/6060 珊瑚礁上鲍尔松卤虫菌的苗圃和壮大培养物(Reef Flat):使用不同培养容器的生长和生存的比较使用不同的培养容器Lebata-Ramos,MA。君梅哈姆;MediaVilla,Jonas P;Solis,Ellen Flor;Sibonga,Rema;阿利坎特,Frances Patrick L.Dionela,Cleresa S.该研究进行了比较四种不同的培养容器[笼子,再生油容器,托盘(对照)和管]在粪便扁平的鲍鱼Haliotis Asinina的鲍鱼Haliotis Asinina的培养培养。对于苗圃培养,在100 ind M-2的容器中储存在10.30±0.006厘米的平均壳长(SL)和平均体重(BW)的早期少年鲍鱼,在容器中储存在容器中,并饲养直至它们达到3厘米四种培养容器中三种培养文化所需的SL尺寸。对于成长培养,从幼儿园中收获的幼儿鲍鱼3.23±0.018cm,平均BW为7.33±0.131g,在50 ind m-2的容器中储存在容器中,并饲养直至它们在5厘米的SL鸡尾酒中收获它们 size in three of the four culture containers. The 3 cm SL grow-out size was attained at 90 days of culture (DOC) in recycled containers, trays, and tubes, while the 5 cm SL cocktail size at 180 DOC in the same containers. Abalone reared in tubes had the highest mean SL after 90 DOC in nursery culture (3.21 cm), while those in trays after 180 DOC in grow-out culture (5.30 cm). However, at the end of the nursery and grow-out culture, there were no significant differences in mean SL among the abalone reared in these three culture containers. In both culture phases, abalone reared in cages had the lowest mean SL, 2.88 and 4.44 cm, respectively. Survival was highest in trays (98.64%) during nursery culture and in tubes (96.57%) during grow-out culture. With comparable results in recycled containers, trays, and tubes for both growth and survival at the nursery and grow-out phases, tubes are recommended for use when culture is to be done on reef flats. Tubes are the most stable and durable among the four culture containers tested. They can withstand strong winds and waves and may be reused for several culture runs. 2021-08-01T00:00:00Z 在幼虫发育期间,孵化器饲养橙色斑点兔虾(BLOCH 1787)的碘化物和甲状腺激素水平的变化 http://hdl.handle.net/10862/6038. 在早期幼虫发育Cabanilla-Legaspi,MA期间,孵化器饲养的橙色斑点兔鱼Siganus Guttatus(Bloch 1787)的碘化物和甲状腺激素水平的变化。艾琳c .;Traifalgar,Rex Ferdinand;De Jesus-Ayson,Evelyn Grace;andrino-felarca,Karen Grace S;Mamauag,Roger Edward本文阐明了孵化器饲养的兔鱼(Siganus Guttatus)中的碘化物和甲状腺激素,甲状腺素(T 4 )和三碘甲蛋白(T 3 )的发育型材在幼虫发育期间。该研究评估了孵化(DAH)之后的0,10,20,30,40和50天兔幼虫碘化物,T 4 / sub>和T 3 组织含量的水平(DAH)。在正常的饲养条件下,碘化物(11.98±4.3 nmol g -1 )和甲状腺激素(t 4 :0.09±0.01 nmol g -1 ;从新阴影幼虫人已经检测到0.01±8.5E-05 nmol g -1 -1 / sup>,它们的存在归因于母体起源。碘水平急剧达到尖锐 at 10 DAH (1416.43 ± 149.6 nmol g−1) which is significantly higher compared to the iodide levels in the larvae at 20, 30, 40 and 50 DAH. The levels of THs gradually increased as the larvae developed with T4 (0.96 ± 0.05 nmol g−1) and T3 (0.03 ± 0.004 nmol g−1) exhibiting a peak on 20 and 30 DAH, respectively, which coincided with the onset of metamorphosis. Thyroid hormone levels gradually decreased which coincided also with the completion of metamorphosis. The present findings indicated a pattern of the rise and fall in iodide and thyroid hormone levels during larval development and its role in metamorphosis of rabbitfish larvae. The study has reported for the first time, the changes in iodide and thyroid hormone levels during the early developmental stage in hatchery-reared rabbitfish and the results are in agreement with those vital actions of thyroid hormones in other fish species. 2021-07-01T00:00:00Z AQD MATES 2021 5月 - 6月 http://hdl.handle.net/10862/6110. AQD事项2021年5月 - 六月德拉克鲁斯,Joesyl Marie V.在这个问题中:1)虾分娩中心结束了不必要的堕胎;2)MOSRA在Molocaboc岛,仍然订婚;3)新闻简报;4)第一次在线提供的长期运行海洋鱼培训;5)虚拟图书馆提升了对水产养殖和渔业出版物的开放访问权限;6)个人资料:对集团的希望 2021-07-01T00:00:00Z 在Covid-19大流行中,寻求信息寻求行为和高校学生的知识,预防措施和大学生的恐惧和恐惧 http://hdl.handle.net/10862/6071. 菲律宾在Covid-19大流行超级,达里尔,寻求信息行为和知识,预防措施和大学生的恐惧和恐惧。安德森,克里斯汀;Oducado,Ryan Michael;Luceño,myrna;Palcullo,文斯;Bendalian,Maria Vanessa Covid-19大流行是在全世界公民的健康,社会和经济福祉。发病率和死亡率的高率和缺乏疫苗导致人民之间的恐惧,无论年龄,性别或社会地位。人们的恐惧通过误导跨越所有媒体类型,尤其是在社交媒体上的误导。菲律宾大学生是全球互联网用户之一,在社交媒体中非常活跃。因此,他们非常容易发生错误。 This paper aims to ascertain the levels of knowledge, precaution, and fear of COVID-19 of the college students in Iloilo, Philippines, and determine the effects of their information-seeking behavior on the variables above. This paper is a cross-sectional survey that used a qualitative-quantitative method and snowball sampling technique. Data were gathered among 228 college students using an online survey instrument a few months after the pandemic began. College students were knowledgeable of the basic facts about the highly infectious COVID-19. However, the majority were inclined to believe the myths and misinformation regarding the pandemic. Television was the primary, most believable, and preferred source when seeking information. The Internet as a preferred source of information was significantly associated with a high level of knowledge. In contrast, the information sourced from interpersonal channels were found to make college students very cautious. The local presence of COVID-19 cases had caused college students to fear, likely exacerbated by the plethora of information about the pandemic, mostly from Facebook. This is the first study conducted on the effects of the information-seeking behavior on the levels of knowledge, precaution, and fear of COVID-19 of the college students in Iloilo, Philippines. 2021-06-24T00:00:00Z